A narrative-based resource for Internationally Educated Health Professionals


Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) are an important resource for our health care system in Canada.  IEHPs have a rich clinical knowledge and experiences that are beneficial to Canadian employers and patients. At the same time, we know IEHPs can face many challenges when they transition to the Canadian workplace.  This can impact their settlement, workforce integration and overall quality of life for themselves and their families.

Interactive Case Scenarios

IEHP | Connect is a resource for IEHPs to learn, share and connect with other Internationally Trained Health Professionals who are navigating their own professional experiences within Canada’s health care system. Through the interactive case scenarios, you are able to engage in reflective practice with real-life scenarios you may or have already encountered in your training or practice. The case scenarios were collaboratively developed by Registered Nurses with experience working working with IEHPs and who are committed to promoting IEHP success in Canada.


The purpose of this project is to support internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) successfully integrate into Canadian health care practice.  We hope this will help IEHPs improve preparedness for life in Canada. That means it will increase their chances of success in obtaining their professional registration (where appropriate), be ready for employment and integrate well into the Canadian workforce.  

This work was informed by evidence in the areas of interprofessional practice, work readiness and mentorship/coaching with internationally educated health professionals.  We also consulted with health professionals across Canada who have experience working with IEHPs, including internationally educated health professionals.

The Team

Elaine Santa Mina

Project Co-Principal Investigator​

Patricia Bradley

Project Co-Principal Investigator​

Sherry Espin

Project Co-Investigator

Donald Rose

Project Co-Investigator​

Gina Marasco

Project Subject Matter Expert

Kathleen White-Williams​

Project Subject Matter Expert​

Renila Castillo​

Project Subject Matter Expert​

Rupi Khaira​

Project Subject Matter Expert​

Elizabeth Manafò

Project Coordinator


This project is a collaboration with several other academic, employment and clinical partners including:

This project is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

This project is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada